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The United Nations is reportedly using blockchain technology as part of Afghanistan’s development efforts. The program is part of the Watchdog City program, which aims to modernize the city’s urban centers.

Blockchain technology hopes to bring transparency to the renewed development process. Land records management is an area where data sharing news will be used.

Blockchain technology is used in UN efforts in Afghanistan
According to a “New Technologies” membership report, blockchain technology will be used by the United Nations Office of Communications and Information Technology (UN-OICT) in Afghanistan. The plan is to use this technology to help the government protect its land records in a transparent and safe way.

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According to UN Secretary-General Stephen Dojrick, the United Nations Department of Urban Development, the UN House, will work with the Afghan government as a “city for all.”

The plan states that the components of the three states are required for peace and continued development in the city’s urban centers. These include effective land management, strategic urban planning and improving finances and urban governance.


Search Las Vegas Cheap Hotels

It’s easy to find cheap Las Vegas hotels on the Internet to find the best hotel booking site to help you find the best Las Vegas hotel deals. Hotel reservation systems usually provide customers with the ability to view photos of various hotels so that they can get a clear idea of ​​what to expect when arriving at their chosen destination.
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Guest ratings and reviews provide customers with a good enough or bad quality that they should expect from different hotels making the selection process.
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The highest possible star rating a hotel can get is 5 stars. Cheap hotels in Las Vegas are usually rated at 1 or 2 stars, but some Las Vegas hotels can be found in 3 or 4 star hotels.
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Here’s a list of cheap 4-star Las Vegas hotels for less than $ 60 a night, which provides customers with great value for the price they pay.
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Treasure Island


MGM Grand
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Golden Nugget


New York New York Hotel and Casino
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Palms Place Spa Hotel

Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa
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Eastside Canning Hotel and Casino
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Here’s a list of 3-star hotels in Las Vegas for $ 45 or less per night, which will provide great value for those on a budget.
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Suncoast Hotel and Casino

Tuscany Suites and Casino
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Hotel Orleans
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Sams Town Hotel and Gaming Hall

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Baymont inn and suits
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Main Street Station Hotel

Candlewood suites

Blue Moon Resort for Gays
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When customers search for a hotel, they feel like they feel at home and feel comfortable. They want to put aside all their worries and enjoy their stay and travel.
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There are times when customers describe how good their experience was and what amenities were available, or how pleasant and hospitable the front office was to meet their needs. They can also read about guests who did not have a good experience during their stay at the hotel.
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Some of the main things that are mentioned are that the service was not up to par, the front desk clerk was rude or they slowly reacted to helping them with their needs.
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There are also times when things in the rooms are not working properly, the bed is not comfortable, or there is a smell that is present throughout the room or lobby.
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Searching for special Las Vegas hotel deals and booking your hotel in advance can help make the price cheaper than trying to book a last minute room.
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Hotel location is something that many people consider, as is proximity to action, which plays an important role in choosing the right hotel. Websites where you will find a lot of information, such as quality hotel photos, star ratings and jetblue reservationsguest reviews, will help you find hotels in Las Vegas.
This will benefit you if you do some research before choosing a place to live.
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This will help you find out what to expect when you arrive at your destination.
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Cheap Flights to Las Vegas Info: Know when to book to save more money on your Vegas vacation

Vegas has been one of the most popular destinations in the United States for decades and is likely to be one for decades. Despite the fact that the city is famous for its entertainment for adults, the city also has a lot of entertainment for the whole family. Many of the resorts and hotels have very affordable prices. However, you still need to get there to check in at your affordable hotel. This is where cheap flights to Las Vegas.

Over 40 million passengers arrive at McCarran Airport every year from around the world. Dozens of airlines offer direct flights and round trips. Since this is a busy airport, it’s not difficult to find a good deal for your flight. You can fly to Vegas from any other airport. Even if you cannot find a direct flight from the nearest airport, you can still find a connection without any problems.

It is often recommended that you search for cheap flights to Las Vegas in 14 days. This is the cheapest time to book airline tickets if you are not traveling during big holidays. If you want to save as much as possible, you must prepare to fight the hot desert. This is because the cheapest month to visit Vegas is usually in August, when temperatures can reach 100 + F daily. Since all resorts have swimming pools, there should be no problem in order to stay calm. Just wait until night to go outside. Featuring Fremont Street entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flight Schedule for Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Keep track of the city schedule before booking tickets. A number of congresses and competitions are held here throughout the year. During these periods, travel and tourism prices are skyrocketing. Try not to fly on Saturday.

When looking for cheap flights to Las Vegas, consider combining the cost of airline tickets with a hotel room and car rental (if you plan to rent them), since you will probably be able to get a discount. You can search for airline and hotel deals on discount travel sites. There are other airports around Vegas, although McCarran is the closest and easiest to find discounts.

Always check and see what low cost airlines offer. Low-cost carriers include Frontier Airlines, Allegiant, Sun Country, JetBlue and some others. Do these carriers offer cheap flights to Las Vegas from your local airport?

Use online discounts to save on a trip to Vegas. Regardless of whether you travel alone, with a companion or with the whole group, online sites are the first place you should look for cheap flights to Las Vegas.

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The best Las Vegas hotels

So what is the best hotel in Las Vegas? The truth is that such a recommendation is based on the general opinion of many people, but in most cases the candidates narrow down to the best, since it is very rare to find one hotel that is different from the others, much higher than the others, which can really be called the “best hotel in Vegas. "

The following, according to our research, are the top ten hotels with discounts / budget packages in Vegas:

  1. Monte Carlo Hotel
  2. Planet Hollywood Hotel
  3. Imperial Palace Hotel
  4. Orleans Hotel
  5. MGM Grand Hotel
  6. Circus Circus Hotel
  7. Luxor Hotel
  8. Tropicana Hotel
  9. Excalibur Hotel
  10. Flamingo Hotel

According to our estimates and research, the best hotel in Vegas cannot be determined again, but when narrowed to the top 10 most decadent, it is:

  1. Skylofts at MGM
  2. Mirage Hotel
  3. Venetian Hotel
  4. Four Seasons Hotel
  5. Caesar Palace Hotel
  6. Hotel Las Vegas
  7. Wynn hotel
  8. Signature at MGM
  9. Hotel Bellagio
  10. Mandalay Bay Hotel

Accordingly, studies and customer reviews showed that the best hotel in Vegas again could not be determined, but when finely tuned to the top 10 of the hotels in the main strip, they:

  1. Rio Hotel
  2. Sunset Station
  3. Red Rock Hotel
  4. Texas Station Hotel
  5. Green Valley Ranch
  6. South Point Hotel
  7. Hard Rock Hotel
  8. JW Marriott Hotel
  9. Las vegas hilton
  10. Sam & # 39; s Town Hotel

The top 10 downtown Vegas hotels are:

  1. Hotel Golden Gate
  2. Golden Nugget Hotel
  3. Hotel Binion
  4. Vegas Club Hotel
  5. Fitzgerald Hotel
  6. Plaza Casino Hotel
  7. Fremont Hotel
  8. Four Queens Hotel
  9. California Hotel
  10. Main Street Station

Our recommendations for the best Vegas hotel for non-gamers narrowed to the top 10:

  1. Embassy suites
  2. Alexis Park Resort
  3. Marriott suites
  4. Yard Summerlin
  5. Residence inn
  6. AmeriSuites Las Vegas
  7. Platinum Hotel
  8. Carriage house hotel
  9. Renaissance Hotel
  10. Atrium Suites Hotel

The top 10 best hotels in the Las Vegas area, located along the Boulder Main Road, next to the Nellis Air Force Base, Lake Las Vegas, the airport and close to the state border, are a short drive from the main lane, including:

  1. Arizona Charlie Boulder Casino Hotel
  2. Americas Best Value Inn – Speedway, Near Nellis A.F.
  3. Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort
  4. MonteLago Village Resort
  5. Knights Inn (McCarran)
  6. Blue moon resort
  7. Buffalo Bills Hotel & Casino
  8. Whiskey Pete Hotel & Casino
  9. Prim Valley Hotel & Casino
  10. Gold Strike Hotel & Gaming Hall

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How To Find A Great Hotel In Las Vegas

Like any other busy city, Las Vegas has its own pride. Hotel rooms in Las Vegas vary in quantity, as well as in availability and on seasonal days, and prices can go higher and higher. A hotel room in Las Vegas can cost $ 30, and by the next day it could suddenly grow to $ 399.

The discount in Vegas hotels ranges from $ 90 to $ 150, as in economical hotels this includes the Aruba Hotel & Spa and Casino Royale, which also vary. While off-lane, prices can range from 59 to 329 dollars, and for a nearby city center, airport, highway, expressway, Lake Vegas, a hotel can cost from 50 to 1241 dollars.

Tourists can also choose El Cortez Casino Hotel, Golden Gate Casino Hotel, Good Day Inn Hotel, Western Casino Hotel and Casino, Americas Best Value Inn Hotel, Super 8 Motel, Knights Inn at McCarran, Buffalo Hills Casino Hotel, Whiskey Hotel Pete & # 39; s and the casino, or the Gold Strike Hotel and the games room, in which most are a short drive from nearby airports, etc.

Most of the discounted Vegas hotels include services such as housekeeping, base room, pool, restaurant, etc. In other cases, the generosity of your expenses or tips can provide you with room service, babysitting services, laundry services, telephones / Internet . services, free parking, air conditioning, etc. However, not all hotels are equally equipped, it is better to check the reviews on the corresponding website.

Which hotel in Las Vegas is right for you?

Finding a hotel is much more important on your vacation, although if not, all your plans may be in vain.

Hotel Types

You can select one of the following types.

1. Fully equipped strip hotels.

2. Full convenience of hotels.

3. Limited hotel infrastructure.

4. The basic motel.

In a fully equipped strip hotel you will find everything you need: spa, pool, shops, restaurants, casinos, arcades, cinema, luxurious rooms, luxurious suites, bowling and much more.

A hotel with a limited number of amenities will not have a casino, pool, arcade or any other facilities, but the savings from the rooms can be spent on entertainment expenses.

There is only a place to sleep in the base motel, and prices can start at $ 20 per night.

Search for cheap hotel rooms

You can find cheaper hotels that are out of band but don't think hotels are a dump; it just means that you do not have freedom for convenience. You can find a strip within walking distance of these hotels.

Another option is to watch a fascinating show with free, free photos. If this does not bother you, finding a hotel outside the strip will be much cheaper.

How cheap?

There are some of the motels that are available for $ 19.95 per night, which are pretty cheap. In this range you can find the best options too. If someone is not familiar with Las Vegas, then for safety reasons it is recommended to stop on the northeast side of the strip, because with so many options available, why are you at risk?

Las Vegas is the best place to choose, rather than retaining individual tastes and comfort. Every place to visit is tax-ridden, and Vegas is no exception, so it’s best to know about taxes.

Staying in refurbished hotels

Some of the old Vegas hotels, such as Tropicana, again changed their properties, instead of destroying the entire hotel. So many transformations have already taken place.

Tropicana is the only hotel in Vegas that has decided to keep the building old and make it reconstructed. It has a heavenly theme with which you can feel comfortable with all the modern conveniences in the room with some nostalgia that Tropicana has.

For families, the tropical theme and strip layout are a big part of sightseeing. The days of Sinatra, Sammy Davis and Dean Martin passed through the halls of the Tropicana. As the highways hotels were torn down, the Tropicana stripes still remain the same.

Prices – Prices play an important role, and prices in Tropicana depend on the season, and sometimes on the visit, it can be as little as $ 50, and sometimes $ 150.

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Great Hotels in Las Vegas

Any budget can be placed in Las Vegas. Since there are many different types of hotels to choose from, you can find one suitable for you. Some hotels are absolutely luxurious. Then there are others who are very friendly to your budget. It all depends on your individual desires.

Tourists from all over the world will find out what these hotels offer. Your accommodation will help improve your overall stay in the city. The city has excellent hotel chains. The Fairfield Inn and Comfort Inn hotels provide a quality stay here.

These hotels can be found throughout the city. Some of them are even in close proximity to the Vegas Strip. This is one of the most popular parts of Las Vegas. It is definitely a lively and exciting place to see. For this reason, finding accommodation nearby can benefit your trip.

These hotel chains provide guests with wonderful amenities and features. Families especially enjoy the complimentary deluxe breakfasts served at the Comfort Inn. This is an attractive option for those traveling with children. These hotels are designed to provide exceptional service to their guests.

Some of the major hotels found here are also online deals. Bally, Harrah and Hilton are chains. They are known throughout the world for providing the best hotel stay. Hilton offers both rooms and suites. You can reserve standard or large rooms. There are also Executive Suite offers.

This hotel offers great restaurants. There are great restaurants here. Some of the popular ones are Casa Nicola, TJ & # 39; s Steakhouse and Paradise Café. Delicious dishes prepared by experienced chefs are served at these establishments. Shoppers enjoy stunning shops and boutiques with pleasure.

Bally & # 39; s Hotel & Casino is a sensational choice of accommodation. This hotel has been in Las Vegas for over thirty years. He has improved the quality of service. The guests who come here are impressed not only by the network, but by this whole location. There is good food, exceptional entertainment and various other perks. You will not be bored in this fantastic place.

Culinary enthusiasts will enjoy the restaurants here. Some of these include Bally's Steakhouse, Al Dent's Old World and Tequila Bar & Grill. Delicious dishes prepared in each of these restaurants will leave you wanting more. Bally & # 39; s Hotel & Casino offers every taste.

Las Vegas hotels are so good that tourists can experience unforgettable adventures while staying here. Many of these hotels offer great attractions for visitors. They strive to deliver an unforgettable experience. The more you see and do in this place, the more you want to see and do.

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Search Las Vegas Hotel Discounts

Las Vegas, one of the most famous cities in the United States, offers its tourists casinos, shops, entertainment and gambling. Gathering millions of tourists year after year, Las Vegas also places its tourists according to their budget, high or low.

Getting a cheap hotel in Las Vegas is easy if you know how to keep your hands off the gaming table. Quite a few of the most famous Las Vegas hotels exist on the Las Vegas Boulevard, known as the Strip. The list includes MGM Grand, The Mandalay Hotel, The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino, Trump Hotel Las Vegas and many others. These hotels probably know how to advertise themselves, so they offer a variety of packages from services suitable for stag parties to ideal for families.

To help attract more and more visitors, hotels also offer various packages for their customers. If you plan to spend a single night, you can easily find a package that will include gambling, accommodation, meals, and sometimes even shows. For families, packages include meals, lodging and shows for children. This is one of the reasons why Las Vegas is quickly becoming a major tourist destination.

Fremont Street is located in downtown Vegas and is one of the oldest and most popular streets in this city. This street, featured in many films, is the site of the first casino in Las Vegas. A number of well-known Las Vegas hotels are located on this street, such as Golden Gate Hotel and The Fremont Hotel. One of the many attractions he offers is night light shows, which are some of the city's attractions. It is the details of these shows, along with other factors, that help Las Vegas receive such amazing reviews from its visitors.

Despite the fact that this city screams about class and price, you can also find cheap hotels here. Discounts are available at many hotels in Las Vegas, and you can even get cheaper prices if you book in advance. For three or four star hotels, discounts typically range from $ 30 to $ 100 per night. These include the Imperial Palace Hotel and Excalibur Hotel Casino. Other hotels include the Stratosphere Tower and The Casino Resort Hotel.

For those who cannot afford the typical Vegas hotel price, prices for cheaper hotels start at $ 40. These include hotels like the Sahara Hotel & Casino, Orleans, Cancun Resort, La Quinta Desert Paradise Resort, Hawthorn Suites, Boulder Station Hotel & Casino, Hampton Inn, Riviera, and Las Vegas Convention Center. However, this is only a list of several hotel names offering such low prices. The city is full of similar hotels that offer low prices for tourists.

If you're lucky, you can even find yourself a suite or something as luxurious as a luxurious discounted room. Due to the tourist rush during the year, the hotels have several rooms: from standard to luxurious and luxurious rooms. You can even stay in a deluxe room without spending a lot of money just for living. These discount packages include gambling, watching shows, visiting the spa and visiting great shopping malls at a very low price. So stay tuned for discount packages to get the most out of any hotel here.

As Las Vegas is one of the busiest and most popular tourist attractions throughout the year, the competition between hotels is also becoming fierce as they seek to get the majority of guests through their doors. It is in the spirit of this competition that even five-star hotels charge and begin to offer packages such as four-night packages. For even cheaper hotels, the outskirts of the city offer very cheap prices, although you will have to spend more on transport.

It is possible to find a hotel that suits your budget, as there are thousands of hotels at various prices in this city. Everyone loves gambling, everyone hopes to win the jackpot and afford one of the coolest hotels, but there is no need to empty their wallets for the night in Las Vegas. Make sure you do your research and find the best deals, and even you can enjoy a five-star hotel room at a low price.

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Cheap hotels in Las Vegas

Many people dream of going to Las Vegas. After all, it is the entertaining capital of the world. Here you can experience and enjoy the many different attractions that you will never find in other places of entertainment.

However, there are times when a trip to Las Vegas scares people because most of them think that spending will exceed their budget. Many people also think that they cannot even afford to stay in any Vegas hotel due to the high cost of the room.

Contrary to this belief, there are many budget hotels in Vegas. And finding them is pretty easy.

First, you need to ask for referrals. Ask your friends, neighbors or family members who may have visited Vegas in the past for budget hotels. Make a list of hotels these people recommend.

Trying to find a cheap hotel in Las Vegas, you can also use the Internet. Look online for Las Vegas hotels and travel packages as well.

Currently, most hotels create websites where you can find out their prices and see how beautiful and comfortable their rooms are. Do not select hotels that offer low prices unless they show photos of their rooms.

This will allow you not only to get affordable prices for hotel rooms, but also to find hotels that offer discounts on luxury or regular rooms. Be sure to also list online hotels on your list.

If you think that you have enough options, choose the one that offers the lowest price for comfortable hotel rooms. Then get your reservation a month or 21 days before your visit to Las Vegas. As you already know, most Vegas hotels offer discounts to customers who receive early bookings. In addition, most hotels raise prices as soon as their rooms become limited.

Now, as mentioned earlier, you can find hotels in Vegas online. And when searching for hotels, many people use search engines.

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Versatile casino hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas hotels enjoy cult status throughout the world. They are known for their grand appeal, warm staff and hospitality. However, this does not mean that all Vegas hotels have the same thing. In fact, it is the variety of these hotels that makes Vegas attractive. Each hotel has a new experience. Each hotel has a unique USP, and each hotel is charming in its own way.

Below is a list of some Las Vegas hotels, given their versatility.

  • MGM – This terrific hotel offers the largest Vegas casino, definitely a status that gathers large crowds.
  • The Venetian casino here is one of the most elegant in the world. The hotel also claims to offer the largest suites and rooms in Vegas. The fact that the hotel offers its guests not only an excellent fitness center and shopping center, but also the opportunity to ride a gondola, although the Thou canal is very attractive for tourists.
  • Wynn Hotel – Poolside casino is supposed to die for here. A golf course, a Ferrari shop, designer salons and all other jewelry make this hotel one of the most expensive Las Vegas projects. Definitely a must see who will visit Vegas
  • Bellagio: here you must not miss the magnificent poker room. With new games like Paj Gow Fire Hook, Pai Gow Tiles, 3-Card Poker and Big Six added to Treasure Island, this game is a winner. The beautiful spa and bookstore make this hotel worth a visit.
  • Mandalay Resorts – Four seasons here should not be missed at all. The coral reef at this hotel is incredibly beautiful, and the casino is very fashionable and attractive.
  • Planet Hollywood – In addition to the huge theater and rooftop pools this hotel offers, the casino here is also a cut above the others.
  • Paris hotel – ceilings painted in the sky are certainly very attractive, but the Le Club music couch in the casino adds a nice touch to gambling here.
  • Excalibur – This hotel is a great option for those on a budget. Accommodation prices here are very economical, and the best part is the independent children's floor that the hotel provides.
  • El – & # 39; ksur- This unique pyramid-shaped hotel is not one you can skip. The casino here is very intriguing, and Egyptian motifs give the hotel a special appeal.
  • Creaser & # 39; s Castle – The hotel has an almost iconic status in Las Vegas, and the ancient Roman outfits and aura offered here are very interesting.
  • Mirage – Green Forest The design of this hotel is amazing, and the pool with its plants and aquarium is a must see.
  • New York New Home – This hotel reflects Gotham City, right from the Manhattan skyline, Empire State building, statues of autonomy, the Chrysler building, library and Brooklyn Bridge. Everything is here.
  • Flamingo – the hotel offers the best bird sanctuary in the region and is therefore a must to visit.

There are several other hotels in Vegas, and each has its own attraction to offer guests. Therefore, no matter how many times you visit Las Vegas, he can always offer you something new.

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