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The United Nations is reportedly using blockchain technology as part of Afghanistan’s development efforts. The program is part of the Watchdog City program, which aims to modernize the city’s urban centers.

Blockchain technology hopes to bring transparency to the renewed development process. Land records management is an area where data sharing news will be used.

Blockchain technology is used in UN efforts in Afghanistan
According to a “New Technologies” membership report, blockchain technology will be used by the United Nations Office of Communications and Information Technology (UN-OICT) in Afghanistan. The plan is to use this technology to help the government protect its land records in a transparent and safe way.

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According to UN Secretary-General Stephen Dojrick, the United Nations Department of Urban Development, the UN House, will work with the Afghan government as a “city for all.”

The plan states that the components of the three states are required for peace and continued development in the city’s urban centers. These include effective land management, strategic urban planning and improving finances and urban governance.