Cheap Vegas Hotels Off the Strip

Las Vegas and all this splendor and glamor is a rather new thing, although it is hard to imagine that this is so if you are passionate about playing in the joy of winning or losing depression. Not so long ago, the whole area was nothing more than a landscape of sandy and cactus plants – as far as the eye could see, stretching from mile to mile. That was until Howard Hughes changed it all.

Over the past 4 decades, the city of Las Vegas has undergone tremendous changes. First there were mega-hotels with huge casinos and bright lights to dazzle everyone who entered the door, and then the master-planned community Summerlin. There have been constant changes even since the 1960s. Not only to comply with increased safety rules, but also to keep abreast of events with patrons – both with high and not so high rollers.

These days there is room for discount hotels and cheap Vegas hotels. This should be because most of us cannot afford to go to the casino and regularly make a big bankroll. How else to attract the masses to this area?

You might think that the words “discount” and “cheap” are really “cheap,” which means not very good or low class. Don't let this fool you. Cheap and at a discount really means that hotels are competing and competing for your business. In this case, even upscale 5-star hotels, at least in some seasons of the year, offer their potential customers special offers and discounts. Even if these hotels are on the strip.

The key thing that Vegas supports is the casino, as there aren’t enough tourists to fill all the rooms of the hotel every day from year to year. Thus, taking this into account, it turns out that hotels offer cheaper rooms and cheaper food to attract players, which compensates for any losses in reduced hotel prices compared to what they then do in a casino. This is a smart philosophy actually.

So where to find cheap Vegas hotels? Well, if you want real cheap places, don't go to the strip, obviously. The city center is cheaper than a strip, but away from the strip where the action is. If you find several small motels outside the strip, you can conclude some real deals. Or why not think of a place like Sams Town, 10 miles from the strip. Of course, a long way to an ordinary enterprise in the city, but if you visit large casinos just a few times, this will certainly save you money.

These days there are great discounts, especially in Las Vegas, both per lane and to a specific lane. Spend some time researching and you will get a lot.

Source by Joseph Archibald