The Beautiful Bellagio in Las Vegas

The exciting Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas is located on the famous Strip, but is physically protected from the hustle and bustle, as it is located right behind the Roman fountains, which themselves are the main attraction every night!

Bellagio's style and character is generous to say the least, which is why he has always been a favorite of Hollywood producers who used him in their blockbuster hits! There is, of course, a great compulsory casino, but you will also feel like a stylish and stylish hotel. It boasts nearly 4,000 luxurious rooms and suites with huge public areas and very stylish furnishings.

The staff is polite, and despite the huge place under his leadership, the services provided are extremely efficient, polite and, most importantly, timely.

The standard rooms have been recently refurbished and have a very pleasant atmosphere, complemented by a color scheme that uses blues, creams and browns in a very creative and aesthetic way! Famous tower rooms offer stunning views of the city and the surrounding desert, and feature wide French windows. Mention should be made of the luxurious bathrooms, which are strikingly finished with sparkling white marble and dark wood trim.

There are many food and drink options in more than a dozen restaurants offering a variety of formal and informal cuisines. The hotel has two triple restaurants A, namely & # 39; Picaso & # 39; and & # 39; Le Cirque & # 39; which are exquisite, and in fact, if you are an art lover, then & # 39; Picaso & # 39; also offers visual pleasure with a selection of original Picassos that adorn its walls. ,

Bellagio foiuntains has over 1,200 fountains that work in stunning ballet choreography across Lake Bellagio.

When you enter the lobby of Bellagio, you come across a truly fantastic and vibrant glass sculpture Fiori di Como, created by the famous artist Dale Chihuly.

For nature lovers, there is also an indoor botanical conservatory, which is especially impressive during Christmas and the Chinese New Year.

You can relax in the Mediterranean theme pool complex under the open sky, which includes five pools, a cafe and a pool bar. The exclusive Cypress Premier Lounge offers chilled towels and cocktails throughout the day.

Bellagio's spa offers traditional treatments such as Swedish and deep tissue massages, complete with hydrotherapy and hot stones.

Via Bellagio has shops and boutiques for customers with Dior, Gucci and other top brands.

Overall Bellagio offers full value for money and a bit more. This is a very well presented hotel with very competent and friendly staff who does everything possible to ensure an excellent stay and, more importantly, an unforgettable experience for many years!

Source by Rita Gautam